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“Amcho Vijai: A celebration of Goa’s leader Vijai Sardesai”

Written by Durgadas Kamat, General Secretary, Goa Forward Party



As we celebrate the birthday of Vijai Sardesai, Goa’s strong, dynamic, and effectual political figure, it is fitting to reflect on his politics, his leadership, his career path, and also the various accomplishments that make him a extraordinary figure in Goan politics.

Born on June 14, 1970, Sardesai’s journey in politics reflects his ceaseless dedication towards “ Goem, Goemkar, Goemkarponn”, and his commitment and determination to work for the betterment of Goa and Goan people.

Beginning his political journey as a student leader , Vijai has come a long way in cementing his unique presence in Goa’s political landscape. His sense of purpose led to the founding of our Goa Forward Party (GFP), the only regionalistic political party in Goa. Through this political force, he strives to build a progressive, inclusive and prosperous Goa, all the while staying true to its unique culture and identity.

As a leader, Sardesai is known for his sensible and pragmatic approach to politics. He has a keen understanding of Goa’s ground realities, and his ability to connect with his constituents, and with all Goemkars is remarkable. For this very reason, people from all across of Goa turn to Vijai with their grievances, and they entrusts him to raise their issues with the government.

Vijai has demonstrated, time and again, his willingness to listen to his constituents, and act upon their needs. His principle of “development with consent” that embody the spirit of representative democracy, has helped him earn the trust and respect of his constituents.

Sardesai’s contributions to Goa’s development have been significant and multifaceted. During his tenure as the Minister of Town and Country Planning, Agriculture, and Factories and Boilers, he worked tirelessly towards a balanced growth model. His efforts were directed towards bridging the rural-urban divide, promoting sustainable agriculture, and prioritising town planning and industrial growth that respect the integrity of Goa’s rich and diverse natural heritage.

Vijai Sardesai is the voice of Goa, and continues to champion multiple causes, relevant to the people. His notable campaigns include the battle against the diversion of the Mhadei river, comprehensive public healthcare for all Goans. As a staunch advocate for sustainable infrastructure, Vijai supports the demand for stilted bypass in Benaulim, and a bypass at Corlim Bhima. His commitment to gender equality and women’s rights are evident in his fight to ensure women’s access to clean public toilet facilities across Goa.

Understanding the importance of education, Sardesai has take up various issues that students and their parents face in Goa. Timely and quality mid-day meals for school students, free uniforms, and the effective implementation of the National Education Policy by taking all stakeholders into confidence, are some of the critical issues that he’s taken up.

In the Assembly, Sardesai has been consistent and forceful with his suggestions, discussions and debates during every session. The alarming unemployment rate, safe and high quality tourism, incompetence, mismanagement and wrong doing by the government, are among the many issues that he’s repeatedly raised in the House.

Sardesai continues to defend the rights of traditional, occupational groups such as the fishing community, shack operators, water sports operators, government employees, transport workers, and farmers. His powerful arguments for their welfare, both within the Assembly, and outside are not only fuelled by passion but also backed by thorough research, and provide viable solutions. His interventions in various and diverse sectors truly exemplify his commitment to the welfare of Goa and its people.
Sardesai’s politics is deeply rooted in Goa’s distinct identity and culture, and the preservation and promotion of our history and traditions have been always his top priority. He has vigorously advocated for the spread and advancement of Konkani, Goa’s official language, and worked tirelessly to foster an inclusive and pluralistic society where Goan identity is respected and celebrated.

On his birthday, we celebrate Vijai Sardesai, not just as a politician, but as a dedicated son of mother Goa. He stands as a shining example of the immense possibilities that dedicated and visionary leadership can bring about in society, and his selfless work for the people symbolises hope. With his remarkable performance as a representative of the people, and with his visionary ideas for Goa, he has brought well needed change in Goan politics, steering Goa towards an inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future.

Goa needs a inspirational leader; one from the people to work for the people. Vijai Sardesai is best suited to serve the people as Chief Minister, to fulfil the ambitions and aspirations of all Goans, and to take Goa to greater heights.

We wish Vijai a very happy birthday and pray for his happiness, and good health to be of service Goa to take Goa Forward

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