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Youth Congress, NSUI slams BJP Govt over UGC’s attempt to ‘de-reserve’ posts



Panaji: Youth Congress and NSUI have condemned the attempt of University Grants Commission (UGC) to ‘de-reserve’ the posts of SC, ST and OBC and fill them under general category.

Goa Youth Congress President Joel Andrade on Wednesday addressed a press conference in Congress House and slammed the BJP government over the issue.

NSUI State president Naushad Chaudhari, GPYC General Secretary Aharaz Mulla and Nitin Patkar were also present.

Andrade said that on Tuesday evening UGC withdrew from its website the draft guidelines suggesting ‘de-reservation’ of reserved posts for SC, ST and OBC categories.

“If this comes into force then Bahujan Samaj youths will be deprived of the reservation. We condemn the act of the BJP government for playing tactics to remove reservation.

Ahraz Mulla said that Rahul Gandhi carried out Bharat Jodo yatra and Nyay Yatra to connect with bahujan Samaj and know their difficulties. “We are trying to connect marginalized society, but on the other hand the UGC is attempting to deprive bahujan Samaj of their rights,” Mulla said, adding the ideology of BJP is anti-bahujan.

He said that the constitution suggests equality and not depriving people of their rights.

Naushad Chaudhari said that if this draft comes into reality then youths of bahujan Samaj will meet injustice. “This is an attack on Bahujan Samaj students. BJP is trying to violate the rights given to Bahujan Samaj in the constitution,” he said.

He said that draft guidelines suggest that if enough candidates from the SC, ST and OBC categories are not available, the posts will be filled in the general category.

Nitin Patkar said that the BJP government has an allergy to Bahujan Samaj and hence it is trying to deprive them of reservation.

“This is a planned strategy of the BJP government to deprive Bahujan Samaj youths from getting posts. They want to remove reservation and mar the income source of this samaj, which we witnessed during suspension of mining business,” Patkar said.

He urged youths of Bahujan Samaj to be vigilant and teach a lesson to BJP government.

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