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YIMBY takes yet another step towards providing effective Waste Management in Goa



Panaji: With an aim to promote sustainable practices such as waste management, recycling, and reusing, YIMBY installed an OWC (Organic Waster Converter), a Bailing machine and an incinator at Nagoa as the most effective way of dealing with Wet Waste, Dry Waste and Sanitary Waste respectively.

The paper, plastic, cloth, cardboard, tetra packs are put through the bailing machine to reduce the volume of the heap of the collected dry waste. This ensures a smoother management and transport of the dry waste, making the process much more convenient.

Speaking on the installation of the OWC machine, the Nagoa Sarpanch Glivena vaz stated that “ The OWC machine takes in 500Kg of waste every single day. Previously, the burden of the wet waste would entirely depend on transporting it to common dumpsites, further away from the village. This not only added to the delay in treating the wet waste but also problems with the logistics. Now with a devoted OWC to the village panchayat, the wet waste is not only taken care of in the vicinity, but the end product is useful enough to be used back by the villagers. The compost generated through the treatment of the wet waste by the OWC can be used as a rich manure to sustain fields and gardens alike.”

She continued “Team YIMBY systematically arranged for the delivery and setting up of the OWC unit. The operators ensure that the machine is run efficiently, time to time adding the consumables such as sawdust to ease the process of waste treatment. The team has been instrumental in creating awareness about the OWC plant and its benefits right from dealing with the wet waste to generating compost that can be used further.”

She also explained that “It is necessary for village panchayats to have an OWC set up within the locality. This is to make sure that the wet waste generated within the village finds a solution in the close premises.This also reduces the burden on the common dumpsites which expect and receive heaps of waste from all over the state. The OWC machine generates the compost which when used by the villagers can be seen as wealth derived from their own waste, being further used for a good purpose.”

Gaurav Pokle, Founder and CEO of YIMBY said “We have taken several such initiatives towards bettering the environment across the state. It also
shoulders the responsibility of keeping hazardous waste out of the landfills. When it comes to sanitary waste and diapers, the Material Recovery Facility at Nagoa also houses an incinerator set up by YIMBY which is capable of tackling 1000 sanitary pads and close to 100 diapers per day.

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