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With two days for G20, Goa govt officials conducted recce from Dabolim airport to various meeting points



Panaji: Ahead of the G20 summit’s first meeting on April 17, a recce was conducted in Grand Hyatt Bambolim to ensure that all arrangements were in place for the dignitaries’ arrival.

The recce started at Dabolim Airport, where two G20 branded EV buses and three G20 branded Audi cars were stationed to transport the dignitaries to Hotel Grand Hyatt. The hotel staff welcomed the dignitaries and smoothly conducted the check-in process.

“The recce is a crucial aspect in ensuring everyone working for G20 understands everything that’s going to happen. It allows us to take stock of everything. We are thorough with our preparedness in making this first meeting a success,” said Sanjit Rodrigues, Nodal Officer (G20).

A meeting was then held at Hotel Grand Hyatt to orient the hotel staff about the arrangements that needed to be made for the delegates attending the G20 meeting. The meeting was chaired by Dr Manashvi Kumar, Joint Secretary of G20, and Govind Jaiswal, Director of G20. Attendees included Pavan Patel, Section Officer with the Ministry of Health; Vipul Aggarwal, owner of the event management company; the G20 health secretariat, and the Grand Hyatt staff.

“Here the minute-to-minute agenda of the meeting, including everyone’s duties, preparation, the movement plan, the venue, the food menu, the main event, and all arrangements, such as the movement of officials from morning until the end of the day. The discussion covered how the officials would move from one place to another and what would happen during the meeting. The purpose of the conference was to ensure that everything was organized in detail, so the G20 meeting could run smoothly, efficiently, and without any problems,” Rodrigues added.

Officials then gathered to discuss arrangements and preparations for the Gala Dinner at the Aguada Fort, including delegate movement and seating arrangements. Night markets and carnival themes are planned after the dinner.

Overall, the recce and the meeting were crucial in ensuring that the G20 meeting was a success and that all necessary arrangements were made. The attention to detail and the thorough planning demonstrated in the recce and the conference are commendable and should serve as an example for future events of this nature.