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When judges inspect Smart City work, it proves that BJP Govt is dead: Congress



Panaji: Congress on Tuesday stated that it has proved once again that the BJP government has ‘died’ as because of its failures, Hon’ble judges had to come and inspect work of ‘Smart City’, which created a mess in the capital city.

GPCC Vice President Sunil Kawthankar on Tuesday addressed a press conference and alleged that time and again failures of the BJP government have been exposed.

“During COVID pandemic too, the court played a vital role by giving several directions to combat the situation. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and his team had failed to save the lives of people,” Kawthankar said.

“Now taking the cognisance of public interest litigations (PILs) over dust pollution due to ongoing work of Smart City, the Judges of the High Court of Bombay inspected the sites. I am thankful to them for this step, which I hope will compel contractors to complete work on time,” he said.

“To show that it is taking all measures to contain the pollution, the BJP government before the arrival of judges washed the roads of Panaji using many water tankers. Hence, it seems without courts intervention we can’t expect any good things happening in the state, “he said

He said that BJP’s Panaji MLA himself had alleged that work of Smart City is sub-standard.

“This government is actually dead. It has no vision for proper development and hence the mess has been created in the city. Because of this people are suffering and it’s affecting their health,” Kawthankar said.

“Government has failed to complete work on Smart City. This is an alarming situation that judges had to come and inspect the work taking suo-motu cognizance of PIL’s,” he said.

“People are suffering and the government is boasting of awards, which are bestowed by crony capitalists like Adani. Now the BJP government should keep in mind that if the work is not completed on time, then the people will suffer once the monsoon begins,” he said.

He condemned the ongoing slow pace of work of Smart City.

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