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What is CM Sawant ignoring the appeal for justice by 15-year old daughter of Sonali Phogat?: AAP



Panaji: The Aam Aadmi Party has questioned the BJP Govt and the CM Pramod Sawant for trying to create a narrative that there was no foul play in the death of BJP leader and social media influencer Sonali Phogat.

State President Adv. Amit Palekar, a criminal lawyer himself, said that there appears to be an undue haste by the Police and the CM to rule out any criminal angle to the demise, especially in the wake of her own family raising serious questions about the circumstances of Sonali’s death.

“The family of the victim has filed a written complaint suspecting rape and murder, and has even named the suspects including her personal assistance. The sister of the victim has stated that Sonali felt uneasy after her meal, and told the sister that “something fishy was going on”. The brother of the victim has claimed that Goa Police is not cooperating with the family. On what basis is the CM certifying “cardiac arrest” as the cause of death, when the family has confirmed that the victim was physically fit and is suspecting foul play? Why is Sawant ignoring the appeal for justice by the 15-year old daughter of the victim?”, Palekar demanded to know.

Vice-President Adv. Surel Tilve said that law & order under CM Sawant has collapsed so much that BJP’s own leader cannot get justice.

“Besides being a well-known personality, Phogat was a national leader of the BJP, having held many important positions such as National Vice-President of its Mahila Morcha, and In-charge of the party’s Scheduled Tribe Wing in Haryana, Delhi and Chandigarh. What are the Police and Home Minister trying to hide? Why is Sawant ignoring the family’s demand for a CBI investigation. Is the CBI to be used only to target AAP ministers in fake cases?”, Tilve charged.