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Vijai Sardesai Urges Govt to Relax Sound Restrictions for the festive season



Panaji: While the high court has directed the government of Goa to take action on those playing loud music after 10 PM in the coastal belt, the Goa Forward Party president Vijai Sardesai has urged the government to give relaxation to these restrictions For the upcoming festival season i.e Christmas and New Year as most of Christian Community celebrate this festival in large in the state.

He tweeted saying” RELAX SOUND RESTRICTIONS NOW! With #Christmas around the corner, and with #Goemkars celebrating marriages and traditional festivals, @DrPramodPSawant @GovtofGoa must stop equating #Goan social and cultural events with rave parties, and exempt them from the sound ban forthwith!”

He had earlier suggested govt to also get the proper mechanism to keep checks on such parties playing loud music using proper Devices which are used to check the sound decibels and not to use these restrictions on any family events happening in the state.