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Vijai pledges to forge an alternative to BJP in Goa for Diwali, hints at a new dawn, calls upon Women to awaken the Durga in them & emulate what we have seen elsewhere!



Panaji: For the last 2 years, we have been rooting forcefully for a united Team Goa to challenge and defeat the corrupt anti-Goan BJP before it destroys Goa completely. Unfortunately, it has fallen on deaf ears with the principal opposition abdicating its duty and responsibility to heed the call or at least come halfway to fulfill this strong desire of the people to throw out the BJP. It’s a shame. But we cannot sit idle forever and waste time because of the inefficiency and indecision of others. To save Goa from complete ruin, we have to act! We Goemkars have to awaken the Durga in each of us, draw from the positivity of the orange color, symbolic of Day 4 where Goddess Khushmanda is worshipped, and surge forward. Our fundamental objective must be to defeat the BJP at any cost, and we have to become street fighters on every Goan street to achieve that. Narkasur has to be destroyed and we need all the help we can get. This is not the time to think of our careers and personal betterment but that of the future of Goa and the betterment of Goemkars. Chal ya Fuddem!