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Summit to be held from 22nd – 23rd March 2024 at Kala Academy, Panjim



Panjim, 21st March: Vibrant Goa Foundation is set to host the Global Tech Summit Goa from 22nd – 23rd March 2024 at Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa. The summit will be graced by Keynote Speaker, Shri. Suresh Prabhu, Ex-Union Minister, Chancellor of Rishihood University Chairman, Board of Advisors of Vibrant Goa Foundation. The Global Tech Summit is aimed at empowering businesses with the transformative power of technology, ensuring they are future ready and capable of capitalizing on new opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

The summit will kick off with an inaugural session, followed by a series of discussions. These include topics such as “Changes & Opportunities in Travel Post Pandemic” led by Parveen Kumar Jiterwal, Chief AI & Marketing Officer at VFS Global Group, “Bridging the Gap – Fostering sustainability and inclusivity in the technological era” by Sudhir Kanvinde, CIO at Supreme Industries Ltd, “Start-Up Ka Mahakumbh” by Raj Sharma, Chairman AICRA and NADDSO, and “Safeguarding Tomorrow – The Intersection of AI & Cybersecurity” by Balaji Venkateshwar, Chief Mentor at Cyber Vidyapeeth.

Additionally, there will be sessions on “Navigating Business Expansion in Great Britain” facilitated by the British High Commission, a Startup Program hosted by BITS Goa, and a discussion on integrating robotics in schools & STEM labs to promote innovation and awareness, led by Raj Sharma, Chairman AICRA and NADDSO.
The key features of the Summit will be a technology showcase which will display the latest advancements with live demonstrations and interactive exhibits and an innovation hub for attendees to engage with startups and innovators who are disrupting the industry with groundbreaking ideas. The panel discussions will allow attendees to gain insights from industry leaders who will address the most critical challenges and opportunities.

There will be Special Entertainment Zones such as a Meet with Quadruped Robo Dog and Robos from different planets, virtual cricket, 3D Printing, drone workshops, selfie booth, live doodle, sumo war, robo racer and a startup and innovation zone.
Anticipated attendees in the Global Tech Summit include a diverse audience of industry leaders, researchers, innovators, government officials, startups and students. The Global Tech Summit will be open to all. Additionally, the Amazing Goa Global Expo & Summit will be held from 8th – 10th November 2024 and bookings for booths have commenced.

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