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The Ultimate Riding Experience. BMW Motorrad India kickstarts the 2024 edition of BMW Motorrad Safari.



Registrations open exclusively for BMW Motorrad riders.

Over 72 unique riding experiences in 2024.

BMW Motorrad commences its most awaited riding experience – BMW Motorrad Safari in India. Conceptualised exclusively for BMW riders, BMW Motorrad Safari offers the ultimate riding experiences across the world.

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, said, “Motorcycling transcends mere travel, offering a distinct pathway to explore personal passions, uncover untouched terrains, and embrace unparalleled freedom. BMW Motorrad unlocks an expansive universe of experiences, tailored to suit every rider’s needs. BMW Motorrad Safari aims to unveil novel adventures, empowering riders to fully leverage the capabilities of their BMW bikes. The joy of riding is magnified when shared; thus, BMW Motorrad Safari is designed to forge unforgettable moments, narratives, and voyages for all participants, enriching the motorcycling community with shared bonds and memories.”

BMW Motorrad India is enhancing the BMW riding experience with over 72 expeditions in 2024 through BMW Motorrad Safaris and Weekend Escapes. These exclusive safaris and riding experiences will be organized through BMW’s extensive dealer network spread across India, offering an unparalleled opportunity for riders of BMW Motorrad motorcycles to embark on adventurous journeys. The locations for these safaris have been carefully selected to include some of the most scenic destinations around the globe as well as within India, ensuring a visually stunning backdrop for every ride. Each safari promises to be a tailor-made riding experience, catering to the diverse preferences and riding styles of BMW riders, making each journey unique.

BMW Motorrad Safari embodies the essence of touring, spanning an immersive 5 to 7-day journey that begins and concludes at a singular locale. This meticulously curated expedition navigates through pre-selected scenic trails, offering participants a harmonious blend of accommodations, entertainment, and culinary delights. Detailed route maps are disseminated beforehand, ensuring riders are well-prepared for the adventure that lies ahead, with BMW Motorrad marshals leading the way, providing expert guidance at every turn. The event is designed with flexibility in mind, allowing riders to traverse at their leisure, encouraging them to fully embrace and absorb the stunning landscapes and vistas encountered en route. Beyond the ride, BMW Motorrad Safari fosters a vibrant community atmosphere, facilitating connections among participants who share a common passion, thereby creating lasting friendships and unforgettable memories.

The series will kick-start with the following Safaris.

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