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The ‘Heineken®️ Takeover’ Extravaganza: Celebrating 150 years of Heineken®️

India’s first-ever Nonstop Party Experience at Westin Goa
Event started from 28th December 2023 to 1st January 2024
A 5-day extravaganza featured 50+ artists
120 hours of non-stop entertainment



India, 04 January 2024 – 2023 marked a historical milestone for Heineken®️ as the iconic brand commemorated its 150th anniversary. To honour this momentous occasion, Heineken®️ presented the ‘Heineken Takeover’ at the Westin Goa. This five-day musical extravaganza, set against the stunning backdrop of the Westin Goa resort, promised an immersive experience with over 50 artists, five stages, and an impressive 120 hours of uninterrupted music. The celebration kicked off on December 28, 2023, and continued until January 1, 2024.

Heineken®️, known for rewriting the rules of success, placed a renewed emphasis on the “Enjoyed for 150 years one way or another” for consumers globally. In conjunction with the 150th-anniversary festivities, Heineken®️ orchestrated India’s Biggest Hotel Party Experience in Goa. Renowned influencers like Mohak Narang, Radhika Bangia, Aastha Shah, Aksh Baghla, Ishika Bhargava, Tarini Shah, Megha and Puja were engaged to enhance the celebratory spirit. The grand celebration extended beyond virtual realms with a prominent welcome installation at Goa Airport for influencers and artists. The Heineken Takeover promised an uninterrupted DJ and party extravaganza with renowned global artists spanning the Techno and Bollywood genres. There were multiple performances from renowned artists like KAS:ST, Deniz Bul, Giorgia Anguil, Indo Warehouse, Amber Bros, KING and Beat Crush.

The Westin Hotel had undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a Heineken haven complete with branded PlayStation zones, football games, orchid machines, beanbags, toss games, and human sized Jenga. Every nook and cranny of the hotel exuded the essence of Heineken’s rich 150-year legacy, from room kits featuring Heineken beers, coasters, towels, and itineraries to branded key cards and jackets.

The ‘Heineken Takeover’ at Westin Goa was meticulously crafted to immerse guests in a multifaceted experience featuring diverse games, adventures, and activities. Strategically placed activation zones throughout the event ensure a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. For culinary enthusiasts, a plethora of carefully curated food and beverage offerings were placed with round-the-clock options including Sunrisers, pool parties, sundowners, and themed brunches at various on-site restaurants and specially designed F&B lounges.

Vikram Bahl, Chief Marketing Officer, United Breweries Limited, said, “At the ‘Heineken®️ Takeover,’ we celebrated Heineken®️’s 150-year legacy with a unique twist. This event united over 50 global artists from diverse genres, embodying Heineken®️’s commitment to music and its audience. A five-day nonstop party, fostered a profound brand connection through diverse musical experiences. Beyond commemorating a milestone, it was about leaving an enduring impact and crafting unforgettable music memories, a realm where Heineken®️ has left its mark.”

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