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National HRD Network to Unveil Corporate Pagoda at International Purple Fest 2024, Pioneering Inclusivity for Persons with Disabilities



Panjim, Goa, January 05: The National HRD Network, in collaboration with the Government of Goa, is set to host the Corporate Pagoda during the International Purple Fest 2024 from 08th to 13th January at ESG, Panaji, Goa. This event was unveiled in the presence of Mr. Rajkumar Kamat, Executive Director, BNI Goa Region, Mr. Nikhil Shah, Support Director, BNI Goa, Mr. Rajesh Mehta, NHRD Diversity Chairperson & International Purple Fest Core Designer, Mr. Anand Khot, NHRD National General Secretary, Mr. Aman Rajabali, NHRD President Pune Chapter, and Mrs. Arch Rita Mody Joshi, Support Director, BNI Goa.

The Corporate Pagoda (Powered by Amazon) is an event that celebrates persons with disabilities and will be inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant in the presence of the Minister of Social Welfare of Goa, Shri. Subhash Phal Desai along with other ministers and government authorities of PwD.

Beginning on January 9th, the Corporate Pagoda will host a Diversity & Inclusion Walkathon as well as a Microsoft AI Capabilities Demonstration. Under Corporate Pagoda, activities such as Avant-Garde, a Thought Leadership Forum, is scheduled for January 10th, followed by an Employment Assistance Workshop and a Career Building Workshop on January 11th. On January 13th, the event will end with a Lego Therapy Workshop for a neurodiverse audience.

The Diversity & Inclusion Walkathon is an event aimed at encouraging open discussions regarding disability, dispelling myths, and promoting a more inclusive mindset. At the walkathon, two people will form a pair and walk for one kilometer while conversing. The Goa Region of Business Network International – an organization that has been assisting their membership base of 850+ MSME Entrepreneurs and Professionals in Goa to grow their business through referral marketing – will focus on supporting walkathon participation through their members as well as other organizations in partnership with the International Purple Fest.

In a press briefing, Mr. Rajkumar Kamat, Executive Director – BNI Goa Region, expressed his appreciation, stating, “This event signifies a commitment to inclusivity, celebrating the diverse abilities of individuals with disabilities. The planned initiatives, ranging from the Diversity & Inclusion Walkathon to the impactful Lego Therapy Workshop and career-focused workshops, demonstrate a dedication to fostering open conversations, breaking stereotypes, and creating a more inclusive society. I commend the National HRD Network for their efforts and eagerly look forward to joining esteemed participants, including government officials, NGOs, corporates, and professionals, as we collectively champion diversity, equity, and inclusion at the International Purple Fest 2024.”

A notable feature of the event is the Lego Therapy Workshop, empowered by Tata Power, offering participants a hands-on opportunity to enhance social and communication skills through the creative use of Lego bricks. Following this, a 3-hour workshop will focus on key strategies for crafting impactful resumes, mastering interviews, and boosting self-confidence for a successful career journey, benefiting over 400 individuals from the diversity community. Subsequently, a comprehensive session led by Microsoft authorities will address the improvement of the lives of Persons with Disabilities (PwD).

Mr. Rajesh Mehta, NHRD Diversity Chairperson, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to host the Corporate Pagoda at the International Purple Fest 2024, a celebration of inclusivity for persons with disabilities. Together, we aim to foster open conversations, debunk myths, and promote a more inclusive mindset. Join us from the 8th to the 13th of January 2024 at ESG, Panaji, Goa, as we embark on a journey of empowerment and unity.”

Anticipated participants in this unique event include the PwD Cohort, NGOs and Corporates dedicated to the DEIB cause, HR Professionals, DEIB Practitioners, Business Professionals, DEIB Academicians, Students, and Allies.

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