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The Department of Tourism, Govt of Goa Successfully Organizes Traditional Festival of Tripurari Poornima



Panjim : November 26, 2023- The Government of Goa Department of Tourism in association with the Directorate of Art & Culture and the Department of Information & Publicity, organized Tripurari Poornima- a traditional festival, in collaboration with Deepawali Utsav Samiti Vithalapur and Shree Dev Vitthal Panchayatan Mandir Samiti, on Sunday, 26th November 2023, at Vithalapur, Sankhali- Goa.

Tripurari Poornima is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and symbolizes the victory of Lord Shiva over the demon Tripurasura. It represents the triumph of good over evil and the establishment of justice. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is a time for spiritual growth, renewal, and seeking Lord Shiva’s blessings for prosperity and happiness.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the local community and visitors from different parts of the country. The festivities included a grand procession of Lord Shrikrishna and a captivating musical show called ‘Natarang Uba,’ featuring timeless Marathi songs composed by Ajay Atul, followed by the Vithal Rakhumai’s Palki procession.

The boat festival during Tripurari Poornima is a prominent feature, where thermocol boats are set afloat on the Valvonti River. This spectacle draws a large gathering of spectators and tourists who come to witness the event. This followed by Tripurasur Vadh and a spectacular release of ‘Sarange’ in the sky.

The Government of Goa’s Department of Tourism expresses its gratitude to the Deepawali Utsav Samiti Vithalapur and Shree Dev Vitthal Panchayatan Mandir Samiti for their support in making the festival a grand success. They also extend their thanks to Alankar Kala Academy and Rasikranjan, Kolhapur for their collaboration.
The event was made possible with the assistance of Goa Tourism Development Corporation Ltd, which provided transportation for the attendees. The Department of Tourism aims to promote local culture and traditions while providing visitors with an opportunity to experience and enjoy the rich heritage of Goa