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Taj Mahal took 22 Yrs for Completion, SAG expects EMA to make wonders within 24 Hrs for Estimated 3.48 Crores Work- Amarnath Panjikar



Panaji – It took 22 long years for completion of Taj Mahal which was constructed without quotations as claimed by Sports Minister Govind Gaude. Sports Authority of Goa expects an Event Management Agency to do wonders in less than 24 hours from the time of issuing Work Order going by its notice for Request for Proposal (RFP) for FIFA U-17 Women World Cup with an estimated cost of Rs.3.48 crores, charged Congress Media Cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar.

Referring to the Advertisment issued by the Sports Authority of Goa on 9th September in local dailies inviting RFP from Event Management Agencies, Amarnath Panjikar hit out at the BJP Government alleging  that one more scam is in the making with misuse of public money.

It is shocking to see SAG inviting “Request for Proposal” from Event Management Agencies without making any mentions of specifications of Scope of Work. Everything is kept wide open to give scope to the Agencies to quote exhorbitantly high to facilitate “Mission Commission” of the BJP Government, Amarnath Panjikar said.

How is the estimated cost of Rs. 3.48 crores worked out when there are no details of any component? Amarnath Panjikar questioned.

The “Fact Sheet”  issued by the Sports  Authority of Goa in the annexures attached with the RFP Notice suggest that the Financial Bids shall be opened on 19th September 2022 at 3 pm. Incidentally, the “Timeline” released by SAG states that the  Event is poised to be held on 21st September 2022. The Event Management Agency will have to engage “Super Powers” to make necessary arrangements in less than 24 hours from the time the Work Order is issued to them, Amarnath Panjikar said. This is an open and shut case of “Fixing a Deal” with the Event Management Agency he added.

The tender document mentions of Scope of Work such as production of “Theme based Song”, printing of “Invitations, Brochures, arrange transport for delegates, creating ambience infrastructure etc. Suprisingly there is no mention of the technical specifications for any work such as size, quantity, number of delegates etc. How can an Agency produce a Theme Song and arrange Buses & Vehicles in less than 24 hours, questioned Amarnath Panjikar.

I demand that the Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant must issue directions and stop the tender process. I also urge the Chief Minister to instruct Sports Authority of Goa to ensure  complete transperancy in the tender process by issuing fresh tender with inclusion of all technical specifications & details, Amarnath Panjikar said.