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Surgical Triumph: Innovative Techniques Save Limb of Accident Survivor



In a remarkable tale of resilience and medical ingenuity, a 27-year-old man emerged victorious against the odds following a devastating accident near Arpora on 11:30 pm November 30th, 2023. The collision, which left the young man with grievous injuries, including a shattered right leg, propelled him into a battle for survival that ultimately hinged on the skill and innovation of his medical team.

After the initial trauma and emergency care at Azilo District Hospital, the patient’s family refused to accept the grim prognosis of limb amputation presented at the Goa Medical College Hospital. Seeking a beacon of hope, they turned to Manipal Hospital in Goa around 2:00 am on 1/12/2023, where a team of experts, led by senior Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Dipchand Bhandare, embarked on a daring surgical journey to salvage the damaged limb.

The surgery began at 8:00am, which spanned an arduous six hours, epitomised the epitome of surgical excellence and precision. Dr. Deep Bhandare, alongside his proficient team consisting of Dr. Vikranth Kancharla and senior anaesthetist Dr. Dalia Bhandari, employed a multifaceted approach to address the extensive trauma suffered by the patient.

At the heart of the surgical triumph lay innovative techniques meticulously tailored to the patient’s needs. The fractured right femur and shattered tibia were meticulously reconstructed utilising cutting-edge methodologies. Dr. Deep Bhandare opted for an interlocking nail to stabilise the fractured femur, while an external fixation technique was employed to address the complexities of the shattered tibia.

Moreover, the surgical team navigated the intricate terrain of soft tissue and muscle reconstruction, sculpting a semblance of normalcy from the chaos wrought by the accident. With unwavering precision and unwavering determination, they painstakingly cleansed the wounds of debris and contamination, laying the foundation for the patient’s remarkable recovery.

The success of the surgery not only averted the looming spectre of amputation but also heralded a new dawn of hope and resilience for the young man and his family. Through their collective expertise and unwavering dedication, Dr. Deep Bhandare and his team at Manipal Hospital Goal have reaffirmed their commitment to the pursuit of excellence in patient care, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of medical history.

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