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Strong Demand for Immediate Action to Ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply for Goa’s Economic Progress and to Alleviate People’s Suffering



The state of electricity breakdowns and shutdowns in Goa has reached an alarming level, affecting the general public, industries, hotels, resorts, tourism businesses, IT firms, hospitals, and educational institutions. Power failures have been occurring at any time, with residents experiencing less than 12 hours of electricity per day for several months.

Today, leaders and workers from the Congress, Mahila, GPYC, and NSYI took a delegation to meet the Chief Electrical Engineer in Panaji to address the suffering caused by frequent power cuts and shutdowns in the state. After discussing the issue with the Chief Electrical Engineer, the delegation raised questions regarding the steps taken to resolve this critical issue, which affects everyone. They submitted a memorandum detailing how the erratic power supply has negatively impacted the people, industries, businesses, and ultimately, the economy of Goa.

The memorandum highlighted the suffering experienced in different sectors, including the challenges faced by housewives, students, patients, and the elderly due to irregular power supply, as well as the adverse effects on industries, tourism-related businesses, and IT firms caused by low voltage and current fluctuations. The memorandum emphasized that residents across all 12 talukas are furious about the inadequate power supply and low voltage, warning of potential protests if the situation does not improve. Additionally, the memorandum called for electricity bills to be issued after 30 days to avoid additional financial burden on consumers caused by moving to higher tariff slabs due to prolonged billing cycles. The delegation also raised concerns about street lights, demanding their proper scheduling to reduce the financial burden on consumers.

The Congress delegation questioned the Chief Electrical Engineer about the assurances made by the current Power Minister in July 2022 to resolve all power supply issues in the state within one year. Despite almost a year passing, the power situation in Goa has worsened rather than improved. The delegation also inquired about the status of the White Paper issued by the previous Power Minister, Mr. Nilesh Cabral, which outlined the comprehensive status of the power situation in Goa during his tenure from 2018 to 2022. The delegation raised concerns about the lack of improvement in power supply despite the findings and recommendations outlined in the White Paper, questioning why the department failed to act on its conclusions. They demanded that the power situation be improved within the next 15 days, warning of the use of all available democratic means to address the issue promptly.

The Chief Electrical Engineer was unable to provide satisfactory answers to the delegation’s questions and concerns. However, he assured them that the issue would be resolved at the earliest. The Congress delegation remains steadfast in their demand for immediate action to alleviate the power crisis in Goa, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply for the economic progress of the state and reducing the suffering of its people.

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