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Strategic funding planning for your Bootstrapped Startup

New Episode: Bootstrapped Startups: A guide to raising the first fund



Panjim, 11th December 2023: Founders Club, an innovative platform dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, is excited to announce the release of Episode 05 of their insightful event series organized by the Startup & IT Promotion Cell, Department of IT and Electronics and Communications, Goa. This event, titled “Bootstrapped Startups: How to Raise the First Fund,” promises to be an engaging exploration into the field of entrepreneurial funding approaches. The event is scheduled to take place on the 15th of December 2023 at Surendrababu Timblo Hall, GCCI, Panjim, commencing from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

This event offers vital insights, proven strategies, and success stories aimed specifically at bootstrapped start-ups. Discover the keys to fund raising, building narratives to attract investors, and establishing a competitive advantage towards availing funding schemes. This event outlines a blueprint for strategic fundraising and sustainable growth, whether you’re in the early stages or looking to scale. Join us for an insightful exploration into the dynamics of raising the first fund for bootstrapped startups.
As the entrepreneurial landscape evolves, Founders Club continues to be at the forefront, providing a platform for industry leaders, seasoned entrepreneurs, and aspiring startup founders to come together, learn and share invaluable insights.

Experts from banking sectors, incubators implementing funding schemes, and Economic Development Cooperation (EDC) will share insights on various startup schemes and funding opportunities. Attendees can expect to obtain useful information, actionable guidance, and inspiration to help move them from a bootstrapped startup to invested startups on their entrepreneurial journey.

Registration: Gear up for success! Connect with top-notch industry experts, like-minded entrepreneurs, and potential investors.

Secure your spot, register now by filling out the form at the following link:, or reach out to us at +919823235890. Your startup’s success story starts here!

About Founders Club

The ‘Founders Club’ is on a mission to cultivate a strong community of support for entrepreneurs, and Episode 05 is a significant stride toward empowering the future wave of business leaders. Your chance to network, learn, and grow is here—don’t miss it. We invite startups, industrialists, academia, tech enthusiasts, students, and aspiring entrepreneurs to join us for an upcoming event. Engage in an enlightening journey, connect with fellow innovators, exchange insights, and actively contribute to the ongoing momentum of startup funding, shaping the forward-looking and innovative landscape of Goa. Seize this opportunity to be a part of something transformative.

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