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SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital Successfully Performs Cochlear Implant Surgery



Goa, February 27, 2024: A cochlear implant surgery was successfully conducted on a 4-year-old girl at SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital, Goa in her right ear by Dr Parag Sawant, ENT and Cochlear Implant surgeon.

The parents of the patient complained that the child has not been responding to any sounds since birth, which was affecting her ability to learn and speak. Following thorough diagnosis, it was determined that the patient had bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss. The patient was given hearing aids for a trial period but it did not benefit her. The parents were counselled on the diagnosis and various treatment options. SMRC’s medical team recommended a cochlear implant as the optimal solution for the child’s condition. SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital is the only private hospital in Goa conducting cochlear implant surgeries.

The surgery was successfully completed in two hours with very minimal blood loss. It was meticulously executed, as evidenced by a successful post-operative X-ray, intraoperative NRT measurements and C – arm. The success of this procedure not only restored the child’s ability to hear but also paved the way for the next crucial step—learning to speak. This surgery was done under the Goa Mediclaim and Medical Reimbursement Scheme of the State Government of Goa. Till date SMRC Hospital has done over 20 such life changing surgeries since the inception of the scheme.

Currently, the patient is undergoing comprehensive therapy, focused on developing her auditory and speech skills. The dedication of the medical team at SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital and the resilience of the young patient are indicative of the transformative impact that such surgeries can have on the lives of individuals and their families.

The operating surgeon, Dr. Parag Sawant, MBBS, MS ENT, DNB ENT, Fellowship in Cochlear Implant Surgery, SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital, Goa said, “Our primary goal was to address the challenges faced by this young patient due to a lack of hearing. The comprehensive diagnosis led us to recommend a cochlear implant as the most effective solution to restore her auditory capabilities. The surgery involved a meticulous procedure in her right ear, ensuring the optimal placement of the cochlear implants. Now, as the patient undergoes therapy to develop auditory and speech skills, we are witnessing the initial stages of a transformative journey. My hope is that this intervention will not only grant her the gift of hearing but also pave the way for a fulfilling and communicative life.”

SMRC’s V. M. Salgaocar Hospital is one of the largest Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Goa. It provides efficient access to affordable medical care whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality. The hospital has round the clock emergency services, a dialysis centre, 24 hours pharmacy and ambulance service. It is equipped with two modern operation theatres, ICU, and 120 beds categorized from general wards to plush deluxe rooms. SMRC Hospital also accepts various cashless insurance and provides Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/Fitting of Aids/Appliances (ADIP) Scheme of Central Government of India.

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