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Sewage carried in water tankers, FDA shying away responsibility: Congress



Panaji, April 25: Stating that the Food and Drugs Administration is shying away from responsibility of checking incidents of sewage being carried in water tankers, Congress has appealed to people to be vigilant and check water quality supplied through tankers.

GPCC President Amit Patkar along with other members of Congress on Tuesday submitted a Memorandum to the Director of FDA in this regard, wherein the office head stated that they are not aware of any such incidents.

“Incidents of water tankers carrying sewage were caught red handed by people. But FDA Director Jyoti Sardessai is shying away from her responsibilities. It is surprising that she clearly admitted that her department is not aware of such incidents. This exposes that the BJP Government under Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane are playing with the lives of the people,” Patkar said.

“It is the responsibility of FDA to check whether people are getting hygienic and clean potable water to the people. We appeal to citizens to remain alert and check the quality of water supplied to them,” Patkar said.

Media Cell Chairman Amarnath Panjikar said earlier PWD Engineers have admitted that there is shortage of 80 MLD water in Goa and people are procuring water from tankers. “Unfortunately, the water tankers supply contaminated water and the FDA has no system in place to check the water quality,” Panjikar said.

“BJP government is boasting of providing basic necessities. But it has failed to provide water, which is needed to every house. People are suffering due to mismanagement of this government,” Panjikar said.

He said that they have given two weeks’ time to FDA to check on such practices where sewage is carried in water tankers. “if they fail to do their duties then we will stage a protest and intensify our agitation in the interest of public health,” he said.

Congress Party delegation consisted of Capt. Viriato Fernandes, Moreno Rebello, Manisha Usgaonkar, Virendra Shirodkar, Savio D’Silva, Vishal Volvoikar, Naushadh Chaudhari, Joel Andrade, John Narareth, Manoj Palkar, Sudin Naik, Rajendra Korgaonkar,Muktamala Fondvekar, Peter D’Souza, Naushad Chaudhary and other Congress Functionaries.

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