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School merger row: AAP challenges Govt to hand over schools; we will show how to increase enrolment and improve results



Panaji: A delegation of AAP leaders led by AAP Goa unit President Adv Amit Palekar on Tuesday handed over a memorandum to the Director of DOE, Shri Shailesh Zingade, requesting him to take back the decision of merging the Government Primary Schools in the interest of public and students.

Expressing concern over government’s decision of merging the Government Primary Schools, AAP made the offer to adopt the Government Primary Schools which are to be merged.

“AAP is willing to take over these schools if the government acknowledges that it has failed to provide Goan children with educational facilities they need and deserve. We’ll demonstrate using our Delhi model how to boost enrolment and improve results in Goa as well”, Palekar stated.

The first CM of Goa, late Dayanand Bandodkar laid the foundation of education by establishing Government Primary Schools in nearly every village throughout the state with the sole purpose of bringing education to everyone and practically to their doorstep. This particular action by this great visionary placed Goa in the top positions for India’s literacy rate. However, enrollment has dropped as a result of the BJP government’s complete neglect of the government primary schools in recent years.

Palekar noted that most people in Goa still live in small villages. Because it is convenient for them to walk to school in their village, children feel at ease attending these Primary Schools.

He continued, “But by merging the Schools, a child will now be required to attend a school that would be nearly 4-5 km from their home. The child will experience great hardship as a result of having to walk to school while carrying a heavy bag because many of the villages lack transportation services”.

The delegation included Vice-Presidents Adv. Surel Tilve and Valmiki Naik, National Youth leader Cecille Rodrigues, Rajdeep Naik, Sunil Signapurkar, and others.