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Rise in Traffic Violations in Goa: Over 2.5 Lakh Cases Registered in 5 Months



Panaji, 23 June: The comparative statement of motor vehicle cases in Goa from January 2023 to May 2023 reveals a concerning increase in traffic violations. A total of 2,59,459 cases were booked during this period, with a cumulative fine collection of Rs. 15.12 crore for the year 2023.

The most prevalent offense was “over speeding,” with 5,134 cases registered under Section 183 of the Motor Vehicles Act. Additionally, 2,434 cases were filed for driving dangerously or recklessly, including red light jumping (Section 184A), violation of stop signs (Section 184B), and mobile phone usage while driving (Section 184C). Driving against the authorized flow of traffic (Section 184E) accounted for 5,256 cases.

Driving under the influence of alcohol (Section 185) remains a significant concern, with 4,570 cases reported. Other offenses such as driving without a seat belt, carrying excess passengers, and driving without a helmet were also prevalent, with 1,297, – 19,100, and 7,500 cases respectively.

The statement also highlights several other violations, including using a mobile phone while driving, overtaking in prohibited zones, and disobeying traffic signals. These violations pose a threat to road safety and emphasize the need for stricter enforcement of traffic regulations.

Authorities have collected fines amounting to Rs. 6.63 crore from the violators for the year 2022. The revenue generated from these fines plays a vital role in promoting road safety measures and maintaining traffic infrastructure.

The increasing number of traffic violations calls for enhanced awareness campaigns and stricter enforcement of traffic rules. It is crucial for motorists to prioritize safety and adhere to traffic regulations to prevent accidents and ensure a smooth flow of traffic on Goa’s roads.

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