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Recycling Dealers Association Urges Goa Government to Regularize Scrap Yards and Provide Certificates for Registered Units



Panaji: The All Goa Recycling Dealers Association, represented by executive members Mr. Akbar Khan, Mr. Aziz Sayed, Mr. Sunil Kapoor, Mr. Omprakash Kashyap, and Mr. Tausif Sayed, held a press conference to address the challenges faced by scrap yards and recycling units in Goa. The association welcomed Chief Minister Dr. Promod Sawant’s budget speech, which emphasized the need to regulate and register all recycling yards promptly.

During the conference, the executive members highlighted recent fire incidents at recycling yards in Colvale and Verna, emphasizing the failure of authorities to implement the Goa waste recycling scheme of 2010. They pointed out that proper implementation of the scheme would have ensured organized yards with necessary compliance measures in place, such as high compound walls, pollution control board consent, fire compliance, Panchayat NOC, and health regulations.

The association strongly requested the immediate cessation of show cause notices issued by the Deputy Collector, which threatened closure or disciplinary actions against scrap yards. Instead, they urged the government to focus on legalizing already registered scrap yards under the 2010 scheme, allowing legitimate recycling businesses to operate professionally. They also proposed inviting aspiring recyclers who entered the industry after the 2010 scheme to apply for registration.

The executive members referred to a government notification from 2010 that outlined the establishment of waste recycling units in Goa. They highlighted the requirement for registration with the Directorate of Industries, Trade, and Commerce and the subsequent issuance of certificates. They expressed concern that despite numerous applications and approvals, no certificates had been issued to registered units. This lack of documentation raised challenges when faced with opposition from local authorities and communities who questioned the legitimacy of the scrap yards.

Furthermore, the association highlighted the government’s delay in establishing trade zones for scrap waste recycling, as mandated by the 2010 scheme. They expressed willingness to relocate their operations to these designated zones, even offering to pay the required land value. Currently, scrap waste recycling units collect waste from municipalities, Panchayats, industries, hotels, dockyards, shipyards, and educational institutions. They emphasized the vital role played by these units in reducing non-biodegradable waste in Goa.

In conclusion, the Recycling Dealers Association requested the immediate issuance of registration certificates to prove the legitimacy of their operations and avoid unnecessary harassment from authorities. They urged the government to establish trade zones or regularize existing areas at a safe distance from residential areas. The association emphasized the importance of supporting legitimate businesses engaged in useful activities while maintaining environmental sustainability in Goa.

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