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Margao – The State Bank of India has lost People’s Trust after it received bashing from Supreme Court on Electoral Bonds. It has become difficult for Citizens having Deposits & Lockers to Trust SBI under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime. Congress Party led INDIA will restore People’s Trust on SBI after coming to power in June, stated Congress President Amit Patkar.

State Bank of India told Supreme Court that it needs almost four months time to match Electoral Bond Donors with Political Parties and requested time till June end to submit the data. The same SBI furnished all data in just a weeks time after Supreme Court refused to extend time, pointed Amit Patkar.

This incident has completely exposed the Dictatorial Control of Modi Government on all the Institutions of India including Banks. Serious questions have now arised on Safety and Security of Deposits and Valuables kept in Lockers of Banks, stated Amit Patkar.

It is for the People of India to realise that the pro-rich and anti-poor BJP Government is handing over everything to Crony Capitalists who fund BJP. Hard earned money and valuables of Common Citizens are in Danger as Government can anytime take control on them, warned Amit Patkar.

INDIA Block led by Congress Party will give complete autonomy to all Independent Institutions including Banks after coming to Power in June 2024. People should remember that it was Congress Government which did Nationalisation of Banks in India, said Amit Patkar.

I once again appeal to the Goans to realise the hidden agenda of BJP of promoting only Rich and Mighty. Modi and Sawant led Governments at the Centre and State needs to be taught a lesson in coming Loksabha Elections, appealed Amit Patkar.

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