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OYO’s Mid-Summer Vacation Index 2022 reveals ‘Goa’ as India’s dream beach destination this summer



Panaji, Goa: With effective vaccinations, treatments, and protocols put in place by the government, Indian travellers have regained the confidence to take long-awaited vacations. The demand for travel is at an all time high, and with summer breaks commencing for many, heading to a serene beach is the best way to unwind.

Tracking consumer travel sentiment across India, global travel technology company, OYO, has published a Mid-Summer Vacation Index 2022. As per the report, over 61% of Indian travellers plan to take vacations this summer, and with 58.7% upvotes, Goa appears to be the dream destination for Indian travellers this summer.

Known for its immaculate beaches, delectable Goan cuisine, Konkani culture, grand carnivals etc., Goa makes an irresistible travel destination this summer. While international borders have opened, the survey showed 94% travellers’ strong preference to travel domestically. Over 31% travellers prefer travelling to beaches this summer, followed by riverside, and waterfalls among others. As per the index, 54.1% Indian consumers prefer beach destinations over cooler hillside destinations. Interestingly, over 30% consumers prefer to witness their dream sunset on ‘any beach in Goa’, followed by Dal Lake in Kashmir, Taj Mahal in Agra among others. With over 53% upvotes, the beach state emerges as travellers’ favorite beach destination in India.

Commenting on the ever-evolving consumer trends, Shreerang Godbole, SVP – Product & Chief Service Officer – OYO said, “We have already had two record breaking festive weekend bookings in April. Over the Good Friday and Vishu week, we received 8 lakh bookings, the highest ever in 2022, surpassing New Years. Over the next couple of weeks, we expect this demand to further rise across destinations. The past few years changed the way we travel. People are much more open to taking smaller breaks, working from a scenic location or even making their travel bookings at the very last minute. Given this trend, Goa has emerged as one of the most popular beachside destinations among city folks. Alongside these trends, consumers are now looking for higher personalisation and flexibility – when it comes to digital payments, easy booking modifications, or even support to resolve queries. We strongly believe that domestic destinations will benefit the most from this bounce back, especially the smaller unexplored ones.”

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