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No more public menace, police deployed



Panaji: An Assistant Professor’s tweets highlighting the plight of Panaji promenades and nuisance by unknown persons during the early hours, has caught the attention of Goa Police.

Aditya Sanai Bhangui, an Assistant Professor at Goa University has been active on social media to point out the menace such as littering, smoking and drinking in public.

“Open drinking! (Locals) in Panaji….
असल्यानी accident जावपा ना जाल्यार आनी किदें जातलें?? (Will it not result in an accident)” read his post which was accompanied by pictures of the promenades.

He stated that people in inebriated conditions are found as early as 6 am who also leave the place dirty.

The Official Twitter handle of the North Goa Superintendent of Police, reacting to his tweet stated that they have deployed police personnel to ensure safety in public places.

“We have received a complaint about unsafe activities taking place on the Promenade, including drinking, smoking. We take these concerns seriously and have deployed a police officer to monitor the area. We urge all visitors to be respectful of the rules and law,” it said.

Another Twitter user Vasant Agshikar alerted the police that dog owners taking their pets on strolls also contribute to the menace.

“this has been happening quite often. Regular walkers and families eschew from visiting this promenade due to such elements who drink alcohol and dump broken bottles there. Kindly send your patrols often,” he said.