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Negligence of Street Light Maintenance Leads to Frequent Accidents on Ribandar-Panjim Causeway Road



Panaji: In a disturbing incident today, two commuters were injured on the Ribandar-Panjim Causeway road as a result of non-working street lights, bringing attention to the authorities’ lack of action despite numerous complaints. The incident involved a collision between a bullet rider and a cyclist, leaving both individuals injured. The bullet rider, who was riding without a helmet, sustained a severe head injury and was immediately rushed to Goa Medical College Hospital for treatment.

The incident highlights the dire consequences of neglecting the maintenance of street lights on this busy road. Despite repeated complaints from commuters, the relevant authorities have failed to address the issue, putting the safety and well-being of the public at risk.

It is crucial for the concerned authorities to take immediate action and rectify the non-functioning street lights on the Ribandar-Panjim Causeway road. Such incidents not only jeopardize the lives of commuters but also call into question the overall safety measures in place.

The community urges the authorities to prioritize the well-being of the public and ensure that street lights are promptly repaired and maintained to prevent further accidents and injuries. The negligence shown in this matter cannot be overlooked, and swift action is needed to prevent future mishaps and protect the lives of those using this vital transportation route.

Goa Plus News Channel remains committed to bringing attention to such critical issues and will continue to advocate for the safety and welfare of our community.