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Murder of History-Sheeter Vishal Golatkar Unveils Grisly Conspiracy

Within a span of six hours after the incident came to public attention, the Old Goa Police successfully apprehended five individuals who are believed to be linked to the crime



Panaji, 17 July: In a shocking turn of events, the Old Goa police have taken five individuals, including a minor, into custody in connection with the murder of notorious criminal Vishal Golatkar at Merces. The victim’s lifeless body was discovered under mysterious circumstances, displaying sharp injuries on his hand and head near the Menezes factory in Merces on a Sunday afternoon.

Considering Golatkar’s extensive criminal background and a formal complaint lodged by the victim’s sister, the Old Goa police promptly registered a case of murder. Later that day, a joint operation involving teams from the Old Goa police, Panjim police, and the Crime Branch resulted in the arrest of five accused individuals. The detained suspects are identified as Sai Kundaikar (30 Yrs), also known as Cobra, 19-year-old Omkar Chari, 25-year-old Gauresh Gawas, and 35-year-old Tushar Kundaikar including one Juvenile.

According to information provided by North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan, it has been revealed that Golatkar’s murder was a premeditated act. SP Valsan stated, “Sai alias Cobra was acquainted with the victim, and they appeared to be on good terms. However, Sai was subjected to repeated mistreatment by Golatkar. Unable to tolerate such behavior any longer, Sai planned the murder and executed it with the assistance of his accomplices on Saturday night. They subsequently disposed of the body, using the victim’s bike, a mere 1.5 kilometers away from the murder scene.”

It has been disclosed that sharp weapons, including an iron rod, were employed in carrying out the crime. The police are conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain all the facts and determine if additional individuals are involved in the murder case.

The arrest of the five suspects sheds light on a deeply woven conspiracy surrounding the demise of Vishal Golatkar. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will continue their relentless pursuit of justice, striving to bring all those responsible to account for their actions.

NORTH Goa SP Nidhin Valsan Briefed MORE DETAILS How the Murder was Planned: Old Goa Police have registered a murder case on July 16, 2023, at the Old Goa Police Station. The victim has been identified as Vishal alias Narayan Golatkar. The investigation indicates that the murder is believed to be a result of previous enmity, with the victim’s body showing signs of sharp injuries. The authorities have launched a comprehensive investigation to uncover the truth behind this heinous crime.

Under the guidance of SDPO Sudesh Naik and with the cooperation of the Panaji Police Station PI and the Crime Branch, multiple teams were formed to lead the investigation. Through meticulous technical and human surveillance, as well as detailed inquiries, the team led by the SDPO and Old Goa Police Station PI successfully apprehended five individuals in connection with the murder of Vishal Gulatkar. The arrested suspects include Sai Kundaikar, also known as Cobra (30 years old), Omkar Chari (19 years old), Gauresh Gawas (25 years old), Tushar Kundaikar (38 years old), and one juvenile.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that Chari and Sai Kundaikar were the primary accused, with Sai being the main perpetrator. Initially, Sai and Vishal had a good relationship, but Vishal’s mistreatment of Sai triggered a deep sense of vengeance within him. Unable to tolerate Vishal’s repeated abuse, both verbal and physical, Sai, along with his accomplices, meticulously planned the murder. They lured Vishal to a specific location, where they inflicted injuries on him using sharp and deadly weapons. Unfortunately, the victim succumbed to his injuries on the spot. The prime accused, along with the other perpetrators, then used Vishal’s motorcycle to dispose of his body, leaving it at the location where it was discovered.

The investigation is ongoing, with PI Satish from the Old Goa Police Station leading the case. North Goa SP Nidhin Valsan provided additional details in a late-night press conference. He explained that the incident occurred approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the spot where the body was found, near Sai’s residence. SP Valsan emphasized that this case does not involve any gang warfare, as the police have taken significant action against all gangs in North Goa. Instead, it is a tragic tale of vengeance and a deteriorated relationship between two individuals.

The victim’s motorcycle was identified as a Royal Enfield. The accused individuals used sharp weapons and an iron rod to inflict injuries on Vishal. SP Valsan acknowledged the joint efforts of the crime branch team and PI Nikhil Palekar from the Panaji Police Station, emphasizing that their collaborative work was instrumental in solving the case. The investigation will continue to uncover any further details surrounding this tragic incident.