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Motive is to protect the dignity of woman; Never named anyone. CM should investigate Sex Scandal, sack minister involved: Girish Chodankar



Panaji: The moot question raised by me was for the Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Goa and the Police department to inquire and state as to ‘ Who is this senior minister involved in the sex scandal’. Which demand, I still reiterate and seek an independent investigation in this regard. I never named the minister involved in sex scandal nor woman victim.

It is very unfortunate that instead of inquiring and naming the politician, certain elements I believe have used this to their advantage and forwarded posts tagging a lady whom I never named and whom I don’t know, which acts are totally uncalled for and condemned in all ways by me.

Women whether sexually abused or tortured by defamation by such posts are totally unacceptable and against the very values and principles I have been born and brought up.

I demand another inquiry in the role of those who have used her photos demeaning the dignity and respect of the lady and such acts of this need to be probed and investigated and to know the truth.

I believe that we should not post such posts and photos which would affect someone’s personal life and liberty but the person who is a Minister should not take advantage of his powers and position to use woman and destroy her Family life.

Social media is a powerful platform to know the truth and justice but we must use it for spreading truth and not rumours to damage anyone’s reputation.

The aim of my post was to ensure that the senior politicians positions stand exposed for misusing their power and misuse woman to their advantage.

In my post there were never any men or woman named in individual capacity nor was any photo posted nor was there any remark of disrespect to any woman.

The manner in which my post was attached to certain photos is beyond anyone’s control.

CM Dr Pramod Sawant, who is also the Home Minister would definitely know the facts through the police department. I again strongly request Chief Minister Dr. Sawant to investigate into the entire matter to know the truth.

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