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Minister Govind Gaude Denies Linking Atal Sethu to Corruption Allegations, Calls Media Reporting Misleading



Panaji, 20 July 2023: Minister Govind Gaude has clarified that his statement regarding Atal Sethu has been misquoted by a section of the media, leading to misleading reports attempting to scandalize the issue. He emphasized that he never linked Atal Sethu with any corruption allegations.

He tweeted Quoting “My statement has been misquoted by a section of media regarding Atal Sethu. I am surprised how the statement is twisted, attempting to scandalise it. I repeat, I have never linked Atal Sethu with the corruption allegations. My statement in Konkani is in public domain.”

In a statement made in Konkani and available in the public domain, Gaude asserted that he had never intended to associate Atal Sethu with any corrupt practices. He further pointed out that his original statement was made one day before the media reports were published, raising doubts about the intention behind twisting his words.

Hear What Minister Govind Gaude earlier statement

The minister expressed surprise and disappointment at the misrepresentation of his statement, calling for accurate reporting and fair portrayal of his views on the matter. Gaude urged the media to maintain journalistic integrity and ensure responsible reporting in the interest of the public and the state of Goa.