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Manipal Hospitals, Goa, launches new GI Motility Centre

This is the only GI Motility center with an advanced GI motility laboratory in the Konkan to Karwar belt



Goa, February 25, 2023: Manipal Hospitals, Goa, one of India’s foremost healthcare providers, today launched the Gastrointestinal Motility Centre (GI) at the hospital. The high-tech GI Motility Centre with a Manometry machine was inaugurated in the presence of Dr B V Tantry, a renowned Professor and Head of Department of Medical Gastroenterology at KMC Hospital, Mangaluru, Mr Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Goa, Dr Mahesh Naik, Senior General Surgeon, Dr.Rohan Badave, Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist, Dr Aditya Gosawi, Medical Superintendent, along with Mr Hariprasad, Sales and Marketing team, Manipal Hospitals, Goa.

Dr Tantry has more than 35 years of work experience in the field of Gastroenterology. He has published more than 50 papers in national and international journals.

Motility is the synchronized, wave-like movement of the digestive system’s muscles, which push food through the various parts of the system. Disturbances of gastrointestinal motility can cause a variety of symptoms, pain or discomfort, and loss of nutrient absorption.

A launch video on the GI Mortality Centre and Manometry was played on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion Dr B V Tantry, Professor and Head of the Department of Medical Gastroenterology at KMC Hospital, Mangaluru, said, “The newly-launched GI Motility Centre will provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to areas of the digestive tract. This is the only unit of its kind in the Konkan to Karwar region. The new facility brings under one roof advanced technology and experts who can treat these patients and transform their lives for the better. I am hopeful and confident that the patients in the region will get access to and obtain the best medical services available from experts at the Manipal Hospitals, Goa.”

This is the only GI Motility centre in the Konkan to Karwar belt, which has an advanced GI motility laboratory. The centre provides medical services including Esophageal Manometry, Anorectal Manometry, 24-hour customer service, Impedance study and biofeedback therapy. Patients suffering from swallowing difficulty, refractory dyspepsia, GERD, chronic constipation and defecatory disorder can be treated here, said Dr. Rohan Badave, Consultant Medical Gastroenterologist, Manipal Hospitals, Goa.

Mr Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Goa said, “Manipal Hospitals, Goa, which offers quality services to patients, is adding more specialities and sub-specialties to its existing array of medical services. It is a matter of pride that the new GI Motility centre would benefit the patients, as accessibility to early diagnosis and access to better treatment are essential to improve the health standards of the people in the neighbourhood.”

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