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Manipal Hospitals Goa and Deltin Suites Collaborate to Equip Staff with Essential Life-Saving Skills



Goa, 13, May 2024 – Manipal Hospitals Goa once again joined hands with Deltin Suites Nerul, Goa, for a series of empowering initiatives under the RAKSHAK program. RAKSHAK program aims to educate the people of Goa with all the recent technologies for better medical support to the patient. The program was conducted recently at Deltin Suites Nerul. Nearly 150 members were trained with crucial skills in first aid, basic life support techniques, and efficient handling of medical emergencies within the premises, including the proficient use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) which are used to detect the external cardiac rhythm of unconscious and unresponsive patients.

The event has been graced by Ms. Jocelyn Carvalho, General Manager – Deltin Suites along with her team.

Three comprehensive batches were finished in three days, ensuring full participation. Leading these thought-provoking discussions were eminent medical professionals, including Dr. Dheeraj Jawada, Medical Officer – Emergency and Trauma Dept., Dr. Kim Viegas – Medical Officer, Emergency and Trauma Dept., and Dr. Vyas Vishwanathan, Head of Emergency and Trauma Dept. – Manipal Hospital Goa. The success of the RAKSHAK program at Deltin Suites Nerul stands as a testament to the collective efforts of Manipal Hospitals Goa and Deltin Suites in prioritizing public health and safety.

On this occasion, Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director & Unit Head, of Manipal Hospital Goa stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with Deltin Suites Nerul in our ongoing mission to foster a safer and healthier community. By imparting essential life-saving skills to the people of Goa, we aim to create a network of capable responders who can swiftly intervene during emergencies, ensuring timely and effective assistance.”

The collaboration between Manipal Hospitals Goa and Deltin Suites Nerul marks a significant step towards enhancing public safety and preparedness in Goa’s hospitality sector. Through rigorous training and hands-on demonstrations, the participating members were empowered with the knowledge and confidence to effectively respond to medical crises, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

Ms. Jocelyn Carvalho, stated, “Empowering people with life-saving skills through the RAKSHAK program underscores an unwavering commitment to guest safety and well-being. We believe that preparedness is key to ensuring a secure environment for our guests, and this collaboration with Manipal Hospitals Goa exemplifies our dedication to excellence in hospitality.”
Ms. Jocelyn Carvalho, the esteemed General Manager of Deltin Suites, demonstrated exemplary leadership by actively engaging in the training sessions alongside her team, underscoring the hotel’s unwavering commitment to guest welfare and safety.

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