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Manipal Hospital, Goa sets new milestone with successful back-to-back 8 Total knee replacement surgeries in 3 days



Goa, November 17, 2023: Manipal Hospitals, the second-largest healthcare service provider, has set another benchmark for the people of Goa. Dr. Rohan Dessai, Consultant Hip and Knee Replacement Surgeon at Manipal Hospital in Goa, has achieved a remarkable feat. In addition to performing thousands of joint replacement surgeries overseas and in India, Dr. Dessai has executed eight total knee replacement surgeries in three days using the world’s most advanced robotic system to date.

Most of the patients had medical comorbidities such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and a few had ischemic heart disease. Some of these patients were admitted the night before surgery, while others were admitted on the day of surgery. All patients were made to walk within 3-4 hours of surgery and were discharged the very next day. Six patients underwent a single knee replacement surgery, while one patient underwent both knee replacement surgeries simultaneously using robotic assistance.

Dr. Rohan Dessai explained that robotic-assisted knee replacement is the most advanced surgical solution that significantly lowers knee replacement risks and improves the quality of life for patients. The surgeon can pre-plan the entire surgery way before entering the operation theatre using robotic software, which can select the right implant and its positioning too. The most significant advantage is the precise cutting of the damaged bone area using a robotic arm, which was earlier done manually by the surgeon using a handheld saw.

The surgery begins with a pre-operative CT scan of the patient’s knee used to plan a 3-D model on which the surgeon can plan the entire surgery. This data is then calibrated into the robot, which cuts the damaged bone with unmatched precision. The advantages of robotic-assisted replacement surgeries over conventional surgery are manifold, including unmatched precision in executing bony resections, accurate implant positioning, and achieving near-perfect limb alignment, minimal blood loss and soft tissue damage, less postoperative pain, and faster recovery. Dr. Dessai added that robotic-assisted replacement surgery further extends the capabilities of surgeons to offer better outcomes for their patients.

Commenting on the success of the surgery, Mr. Surendra Prasad, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospital, Goa, said, “I congratulate Dr. Rohan Dessai, Consultant, Hip & Knee Replacement Surgeon Orthopaedics for the intricate diagnosis and treatment provided, thus giving a better quality of life to the patient. Manipal Hospitals, Goa, has an expert panel of highly qualified full-time super-specialty consultants, who often work together on complex cases with a very scientific and disciplined approach. Dr. Rohan Dessai is trained to operate on such complex cases. Manipal Hospital, Goa is fully equipped to perform such complex and challenging cases.”

All the patients benefited immensely from the well-coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach, and the excellent support provided by our well-trained nursing staff and clinical assistants, Mr. Prasad added.

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