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Mandrem Congress Block Threatens Protest over Frequent Power Cuts



Panaji, June 22: In a public demonstration against the continuous power cuts affecting their daily lives, the Mandrem Congress Block has issued a warning to take to the streets if the power department fails to provide uninterrupted electricity supply. The residents claim that the power outages have severely impacted students’ studies and the preparation of meals.

Narayan Redkar, the President of the Mandrem Congress Block, accompanied by villagers, recently met with officials from the power department to demand a solution to the ongoing electricity supply issues. Among the attendees were District General Secretary Pranav Parab, Minguel Fernandes, Ramchandra Palyekar, Arun Vast, Babuso Talkar, Pradeep Sawant, Dinesh Narvekar, John Dsouza, and other Congress workers.

Expressing their frustration, Kaveri Dhuri, Naveeta Thakur, Jackine Dsouza, Priti Redkar, Ashwini Talkar, Rima Harji, Diksha Vaigankar, Sejal Thakur, Letisia Rodriguez, Suriya Naik, and Shashikala Naik voiced their concerns to the authorities for their failure to provide uninterrupted electricity.

Narayan Redkar highlighted that the power supply issue in Mandrem has persisted for many months, but the power department has ignored the problem. He suggested that the department should announce planned power shutdowns using a vehicle with an audio announcement to ensure the information reaches all residents, as not everyone reads newspapers.

Redkar further emphasized the adverse consequences of power failures, such as hindering students’ ability to study at home and preventing homemakers from cooking meals.

“If this problem is not resolved, we will take to the streets,” Redkar warned, indicating their intent to organize a protest if the power issues persist.

Pranav Parab expressed his concern for the plight of the impoverished residents who are bearing the brunt of frequent power cuts. He criticized the government for its apparent indifference and stated, “It is affecting people’s health as even fans cannot be operated. The government has become insensitive.” Parab demanded the resignation of the Power Minister if the department fails to address the issue adequately.

Women present at the power department in Mandrem voiced their anger against the government, asserting that it has failed to deliver the promised “good days” to the people. They lamented their inability to cook food for their families and the constant power cuts that have forced them to rely on kerosene lamps during nighttime.

As the power supply problem in Mandrem escalates, the Mandrem Congress Block’s warning serves as a clear indication that the residents are running out of patience and demanding immediate action from the authorities.

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