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Lost is not a studio based film, it’s a story based on real-life events: Yami Gautam

Lost is an investigative thriller that represents a higher quest for lost values of empathy and integrity



#IFFIWood, 23 November 2022

Lost is not a studio-based film, it’s a story based on real life events. You have to jump into the story, feel every bit of the character, which resonates with our self-experience and the world around us, said Yami Gautam at a “Table Talks” session organized by PIB on the sideline of 53rd edition of International Film festival of India in Goa today.

Narrating her experience of portraying the protagonist in the film, Yami said, when such character comes to you, it becomes very challenging to perfrom. “Sometimes we feel less is more and I followed this dictum. I didn’t actually try to portray the character in the film. I was just inside the character as it is,” she added.

Yami said that sometimes people have such extreme experiences, which are difficult to express in words. “Lost is an investigative thriller, which reflects that intense personal experience”, she flagged.

Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury said Lost highlights the issue of media integrity in a practical way.

Briefing more about the character of Yami, Aniruddha said it’s a very intense internal conflict that the character goes through. “In certain roles there are lot of dialogues and elements you need to perform, but this is not just a character, this is a conviction and commitment. You need to watch the film to find the real Yami”, he asserted.

The film was screened at IFFI today and received very good audience response.

About the Film

1.Dir: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (Dir)

2. Yami Gautam (Actress)

3. Pankaj Kapur (Actor)

4. Tushar Pandey (Actor)


Inspired by true events, Lost is a story of a bright young woman crime reporter in relentless search for truth behind the sudden disappearance of a young theatre artist. An investigative thriller that represents a higher quest, a search for lost values of empathy and integrity.

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