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Panaji – Chief Minister Dr. Pramod Sawant had made a Statement held after the Cabinet Meeting on 21st December 2023 that the Business Advisory Committee will decide the duration of the Sixth Session of the Eighth Goa Legislative Assembly. I want to categorically state that the BAC is not deciding on the overall Duration (Working Days of the Session) of any Session and it is the Government which decides on the Number of Days of a particular Session, stated Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao in a Letter submitted to the Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly.

In his Letter, Leader of Opposition Yuri Alemao has further stated “I would like to place on record that the Role of Business Advisory Committee under Rule 196 of the Rules of Procedure & Conduct of Business of the Goa Legislative Assembly is restricted to recommending the Time Duration and indicate Time-Table for taking up various Business during the Assembly Session”.

Despite raising the issue of faulty uploading of Replies to the LAQs in the last BAC Meeting, the Replies to many LAQs of various Departments were found to be wrongly uploaded with lot of Repetitive Pages and Faulty Annexures. It is observed that the Annexures uploaded with the Replies are not readable and sometimes irrelevant. This is either due to complete ignorance of the Officials or their incompetency in understanding the Question. I urge that proper Replies only of desired information based on Facts & Figure’s should be made available to the Members of the Legislative Assembly. Strict Action should be taken against the Officials for their negligence and inaction, Yuri Alemao has demanded in his Letter.

Leader of Opposition has also reiterated his Demand to remove the Restrictions to ask only 5 Sub-questions in one LAQ and has urged to increase it to at least 7 to 10 Sub-questions. He has also urged that the Restriction of 5 years to seek Past History of any subject matter should be removed to enable the MLAs to get wide information.

Reasonable time should be given to the members of the Legislative Assembly to study the Bills brought in by the Government. The introduction, consideration and passing of the Bills should be done with proper discussion in the house, stated Yuri Alemao in his Letter.

He has also raised Objections to the change in Convention of taking common lots for Listing of LAQ’s of Opposition and Ruling and has demanded that previous Convention of Alternate Lots should be continued. Suspension of Rules should not be done to facilitate the Government to push for Business without giving adequate time for the MLAs to study the subject matter and deliberate on the same, Yuri Alemao has mentioned in his Letter.

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