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Lok Sabha Elections 2024: on Allegations of EVM Tampering, CEC Responds with Shayari, ‘Wafa Khud Se Nahi Hoti..’

CEC Rajeev Kumar Defends EVM Integrity Amidst Allegations with Poetic Eloquence



In a poignant response to allegations of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) tampering, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajeev Kumar delivered a resolute defense during the Lok Sabha election date announcement. Kumar passionately upheld the sanctity of EVMs, insisting on their incorruptible nature and flawless safety record. He meticulously outlined the rigorous testing protocols EVMs undergo, including triple mock polls conducted under the scrutiny of participating candidates.

Kumar underscored the pivotal role EVMs play in fostering fair and transparent elections, even citing instances where ruling parties faced defeat under the same electoral system. He emphasized the judiciary’s consistent validation of EVM integrity, with courts dismissing numerous tampering allegations. Expressing disdain for the proliferation of baseless accusations on social media platforms, Kumar highlighted recent court penalties levied against those found guilty of spreading misinformation.

Kumar invoked a poetry to defend EVMs claiming they are non-tamperable and 100% safe. He said “adhuri hasraton ka ilzaam har baar lagana hum par theek nahi, wafa khud se nahi hoti khata EVM ki kehte ho”.

Kumar stressed that the EVMs were 100% safe and undergo mock polls thrice before being installed on the day of polling, that too in front of candidates. He said there are many who allege EVMs are hacked despite the election results going in their favour.

Furthermore, Kumar elucidated on the positive repercussions of EVM implementation, noting its contribution to the emergence of diverse political entities, irrespective of size. Last year, the Election Commission submitted a comprehensive 450-page affidavit to the Supreme Court, reaffirming the impenetrable security measures safeguarding EVMs.

In light of Kumar’s impassioned defense, the stage is set for the highly anticipated 2024 Lok Sabha elections, encompassing 543 seats. Scheduled to unfold in seven phases commencing from April 19, with the culmination of vote counting slated for June 4, the electoral landscape awaits with bated breath, bolstered by Kumar’s unwavering commitment to upholding the integrity of India’s democratic process.