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Leisure travelers in for an impeccable experience with the launch of Encalm Lounge & Atithya Meet & Greet Services at Manohar International Airport, Goa



Goa has been a proven paradise for anyone who admires the state for the beautiful beaches and the nonchalance that comes with it. It has been an absolute favorite among travellers for its serenity and diversified offerings. The moment you enter the Manohar International Airport, you’re immediately hit with the aroma of the sea breeze, and rich cultural elements from Goa’s history which represent the relaxed vibe of this destination. Encalm Hospitality Private Limited — A pioneer in providing beautiful airport experiences across the nation is upping the ante with the ‘Encalm’ Lounge, which also is their core offering alongside the company’s flagship Meet-and-Greet service called ‘Atithya’ at the Goa Airport.

The Encalm Lounge at the Manohar International Airport, Goa

The Encalm Lounge is conveniently located inside the area post security at the Domestic Departures. It combines contemporary design elements from Goa’s diversified culture coupled with unparalleled service to deliver a memorable and relaxing experience. Spread across an impressive 3886 sq.ft of carpet area, with a capacity to accommodate 96 guests at a time — the Encalm Lounge at Manohar International Airport offers buffet dining, Lounge bay, bar & live stations alongside free WiFi & flight information, so that travellers can be at ease while spending leisure time at the Encalm escapade. With a diverse selection of cuisines right from International ones to gourmet food, the buffet setup ensures that there’s something for everyone at the Lounge. Encalm Hospitality is planning another Lounge at the International Departures, expected to be operational soon which shall further testify the popular ‘Encalm’ experience at the airport.

Atithya Service at Manohar International Airport

Travellers these days prefer relaxation and priority service at the helm. Encalm is looking to cater to this need of travellers from across the globe, with ‘Atithya’ — which is the brand’s bespoke Meet & Greet service. With the launch of Atithya services at Manohar International Airport, travellers who are unfamiliar with the new airport, would get benefitted from the on-ground assistance by Encalm. Tailored to suit the individual requirements of the guests and make their travel seamless, Atithya revolves around the essence of treating guests like God — with the value of “अतिथि देवो भव” deeply rooted in the teams’ serving at the airport. From baggage handling to on-ground assistance and exclusive Lounge access — Atithya takes care of all your requirements. Guests can enjoy the best of Airport hospitality backed by the Encalm promise.

Expressing his gratitude at the launch, Mr Vikas Sharma, CEO, Encalm Hospitality said, “We are pleased to announce the launch of our Encalm Lounge and Atithya services at the newly inaugurated Manohar International Airport. With a vision to set new benchmarks in the airport hospitality industry, we provide the finest hospitality services — specially curated for different travellers. With our services, we are striving to carve beautiful travel and hospitality experiences for travellers who are looking for the best in class extravaganza and premium hospitality service. So, we urge travellers to get hold of the Encalm experience to make their journey pleasant, connected and memorable.”

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