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In-Conversation Session on ‘Corporate Culture in Film industry’ at IFFI-53



#IFFIWood, 26 November 2022

Every coin has two sides. The advent of corporate culture into Indian film industry has both its pros and cons. At one hand, it has sorted out the financial crisis that the industry was earlier facing, ensured the agreed payments to the cast and crew whatever the business outcome may be and decreased dependency on individual producers. On the other hand, somewhere the passion of one individual filmmaker is found to be missing in films produced by corporates and the creativity is compromised. So ideally ‘Creativity’ and ‘Business’ should co-exist and maintain a judicious balance to achieve cinematic excellence.

This is what noted Director and Producer Anees Bazmee said while addressing the In-Conversation session on ‘Corporate Culture in Film industry’ at the 53rd International Film Festival of India in Goa today.

Addressing the interactive session, Anees said for a filmmaker, business is very important, but at the same time creativity should never be compromised. “A film should always be based on creativity, passion and conviction.  There are many successful films produced by corporates, but more creative people should be part of corporate teams to ensure creativity is not dictated by business”, he asserted.

Delivering on the topic, Director Vikas Bahl said that film-making is a business of heart. Corporate culture should match the creative film-making process.  “One software called ‘Guts’ to be inserted into the excel sheets of corporates”, he added.

Flagging the issue of piracy, Vikas urged both Government and Corporates to join hands to resolve the challenging issue. “Legislation should be formed to tackle the piracy problem”, he opined.

Director Abhishek Sharma said corporatisation has ensured the ‘cleansing of money’ from the industry.  He further said Indian film industry should be more organised and formalised to be called as an ‘Industry’ in true sense. “Are we truly an organic industry? We need to introspect. We need to come together keeping aside personal profit and loss and think about the industry as a whole”, he added.

Producer Mahaveer Jain said corporates are pumping in more money so that quality films can be produced. “With more players, more films are being produced and more people are getting employment”, he added.

The session was moderated by noted film trade analyst Komal Nahta.

The Masterclasses and In-Conversation sessions at IFFI 53 are being jointly organized by Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI), NFDC, Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) and ESG. A total of 23 sessions comprising masterclasses and in-conversations are being conducted this year to encourage the students and enthusiasts of cinema in every aspect of filmmaking.

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