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If elected, will form council of 20 advisors for all constituencies: Khalap



Panaji: Outlining his plan for undertaking development works if he gets elected, INDIA bloc’s Lok Sabha candidate Adv Ramakant Khalap of the Congress Party has said that he will form a council of 20 advisors for all 20 constituencies in the district.
“Each of these council members will be persons who have a thorough knowledge of the problems faced by people in every village. We will meet every 3 months. 1 meeting will be held prior to a Parliament session which will allow us to discuss problems,and these can be raised in the Lok Sabha, as well as writing to the ministers and other such works. And another meeting will be held after the session ends,” he said.
He also promised to allocate the MPLAD funds and implement other schemes effectively across all constituencies.
“Be it roads or other such works, we will allocate the Rs 1 crore of the 5 crores annually for each constituency, based on the demands of the people and the priority. Besides this, there are so many schemes which I will get implemented in the district,” Khalap promised.

He also said that his prior completed works are being appreciated to date.
“Till today, some people tell me that they are benefiting from a particular project I had undertaken during my tenure as MP. I had also started the Social Security Scheme for senior citizens, orphans and the handicapped, which was Rs 100, and subsequently it was gradually increased to Rs 1000 and so on. But later the credit for this taken by someone else, ” he said.
Khalap also said that local level issues like bad roads, etc, should be resolved at that level.

“I am aware of the general problems faced by people. You have been hearing about me for the past so many years. You are aware of the works that I have carried out. I have a flaw, that once I give my word, I will ensure to fight for it till the end. Success may not be possible all the time, sometimes there might be partial success. But it’s my habit to fight for it, and I will continue to fight for it in future,” he said.

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