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Government Negligence Leads to Truck Overturning on NH-17, Alleges Social Activist John Nazareth



Panaji: In a recent incident, a truck with Rajasthan registration overturned on NH-17 near Nexa showroom and Goa Medical College, Bambolim. This accident spot has been notorious for numerous accidents in the past. Social activist John Nazareth has raised serious concerns regarding the role of the government in this incident.

The government had initially proposed the acquisition of private property for the expansion of 4-laning on NH-17, specifically plot number U-48 in the village of Calapur, bearing survey numbers 110/1 and 111/1. The government even carried out hill cutting at its own expense. However, after a two-year delay and subsequent abandonment of the proposal, a sharp turn developed on the slope, leading to accidents like the recent truck overturning.

What is more concerning is that the Town and Country Planning (TCP) department granted permission for the construction of a private building on the same plot, despite not consulting the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH). The required setback of 45 meters was relaxed based on an undertaking given by the private landowner, who promised to demolish the building if the government proposes further expansion of the highway.

It is crucial to halt the ongoing construction of the private building on plot number U-48 and realign the road, considering the high volume of vehicles, especially near the school complex and Goa Medical College, in close proximity to the sharp turn. Social activist John Nazareth alleges that the government’s compromise on the alignment of the National Highway to benefit a builder is directly contributing to accidents near GMC Bambolim.

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