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Goan Youth wins “The Youth Engineering Icon Award 2023”



Panaji: Goan Youth Amey Porobo Dharwadker has won the Prestigious “The Youth Engineering Icon Award 2023”of The Institute of Engineering & Technology for his extraordinary contributions to the landscape of Engineering & Technology.

He is son of Neeta and late Dr. Ajit Dharwadker. The family hails from Assnora in Bardez.

Amey Porobo Dharwadker is a seasoned Machine Learning Engineering Manager at Meta, leading the Facebook Video Recommendations Ranking team. Over the last nine years, his role in building and improving personalization models has played a pivotal part in Facebook’s extraordinary user growth.

His expertise has been instrumental in propelling Facebook Watch and Reels into the echelons of the world’s largest video recommender systems, captivating over two billion monthly users every day. Notably, his prior contributions to News Feed and Ads Machine Learning have significantly enhanced user engagement and revenue.

A graduate of the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, India, and a proud alumnus of Columbia University in the City of New York, USA, Amey’s journey traces back to his formative years in the smallest State of India, Goa, where he laid the foundation for a stellar career in the tech world.

The richness of Amey’s contributions is further underscored by his prolific research, manifesting in international patents and publications presented at prestigious conferences. His work on countering bias and exploring user interests in billion-scale recommender systems have far-reaching implications, influencing the trajectory of fairness in artificial intelligence (AI) and shaping industry policies.

Goan Techy Amey Dharwadker’s journey from the serene locales of Goa to the forefront of AI innovation stands as an inspiration. His dedication to excellence, innovation and mentorship not only propels Facebook’s global success but also leaves an enduring legacy in the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

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