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Goa TMC demands CM to transfer the international sex trafficking case to CBI



Launching a scathing attack on the deteriorated law and order scenario in the state Trinamool Congress Party (TMC) National Spokesperson Trajano D’Mello, along with Goa TMC Minority Co-ordinator Vincent Fernandes and Goa TMC SC/ST Coordinator Santosh Mandrekar in press conference at party’s office, TMC strongly demanded that Home Minister and CM Dr Pramod Sawant take action against the Goa Police who are involved in the international sex trafficking and hand over the case to CBI.

Coming down heavily on BJP led govt Dr Pramod Sawant, Party (TMC) National Spokesperson D’Mello alleged that “The deterioration of the State’s law and order scenario literally casts a dark cloud on the policing system. There is no fear of the law which has translated into rape cases of tourists, murders, sexual assaults on minors, robberies, beggars menace and, to top it all, drunken driving. Since the Goa Police are incapable of handling local issues, CM should transfer the international sex trafficking case to CBI.”

Questioning the real intentions of the Goa government, Trajano D’Mello siting the reports said, “The main accused, Maria Corsava from Kenya, was coolly living in Anjuna for five years without a valid passport or a visa. It is hard to believe that the local intelligence did not know about these activities. This case raises a very important introspective question for the Goa Police, on whether the intelligence bureau is even functional. Or, does the law enforcing agency purposely look the other way?”

Pointing out the accusations of the former SP, FRRO of Goa, who has alleged that sex rackets originating in the African countries and executed in Goa are tacitly backed by elements in Indian high commissions/embassies for flesh trade in India. He also highlighted that an MLA made a startling accusation that the Goa Police could be involved in the flesh trade in the tourist parts of the State.

Referring to the silence of the Tourism Minister on the rising illegal tourist activities in the coastal areas, D’Mello said, “The international sex racket that has been so-called busted by the police is shocking.” He questioned the Tourism Minister’s silence whether it infers as an advertisement to the world?”
He further held the Tourism Minister responsible and questioned, “Is the Department not responsible for the 65 percent unregistered accommodation hotels, guest houses, etc., which was claimed by the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG)?”

He charged due to the negligence of the Tourism Minister the arrival of foreign tourists has dived to one-third as per the available statistics.”

D’Mello further questioned and demanded that the Tourism Minister expose the plan of action for the coming tourism season.

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