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Goa Takes Strides Towards Embracing the Creative Capital Concept



Panaji, Goa – On October 7 2023 : Eminent stakeholders from the design community came together for a conversation with the Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa (SITPC) to support and further the vision of making Goa the Creative Capital of India mooted by Shri. Rohan Khaunte, Hon’ble Minister, IT,E&C. The meeting underscored the importance of a consultative approach in shaping this transformative vision.

The objectives presented by SITPC resonated strongly with the Designers Community. A presentation was delivered on the Community’s vision for “Transforming Goa into a Creative Economy Mega-Hub.” This presentation highlighted the numerous merits of this approach and the exceptional opportunities awaiting Goa as it strives to become the pioneering Design State of India.

The vision encompassed various aspects, including financial infrastructure, technology infrastructure, physical infrastructure, learning infrastructure, and policy infrastructure. These were envisioned as collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors. A particularly intriguing concept that emerged was the idea of establishing a distinctive intellectual property surrounding design and creation in Goa, potentially becoming a recognisable brand.

The meeting yielded a consensus that to realize the vision of making Goa a hub for the creative economy, the state would require a dedicated Design Policy. In a proactive move towards this vision, it was decided to establish a platform that would map and connect existing creative talents within Goa. This platform would facilitate professionals looking to relocate to Goa and engage with like-minded individuals.

The Design Community expressed its appreciation for the steps taken by the Government, including the pursuit of the Digital Nomad Visa with the Central Government, which holds immense potential for realizing Goa’s creative economy aspirations. Furthermore, the concept of co-working spaces on the beach, in conjunction with the homestay policy, was identified as a potential game-changer for Goa.

This meeting was the inaugural discussion in a series of month-to-month conversations, aiming to transform these dialogues into tangible actions and concrete steps.

This meeting underscores Goa’s steadfast commitment to nurturing and embracing its creative potential. The state stands on the verge of an exciting journey, poised to emerge as a pioneering leader in the creative economy.

About Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa:

The Startup & IT Promotion Cell – Goa operates under the aegis of the Directorate of Information Technology, Electronics, and Communications, Government of Goa. Serving as the state’s premier Nodal Body for startups and related initiatives, it plays a pivotal role in steering Goa’s entrepreneurial ambitions towards new horizons.

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