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Goa Government Launches Initiatives to Boost Apprenticeship Training and Employment Opportunities for Youth



Panaji: In a series of meetings held on June 12, 2023, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Goa directed the Directorate of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), to implement measures aimed at increasing the number of apprentices engaged by both private and government sector establishments in the state. The directives include organizing industry connect meets, conducting training sessions for local youth and nodal officers, and introducing the apprenticeship training scheme.

Following the instructions, the Directorate immediately held meetings with the CMO’s team and industry representatives to outline a plan for the implementation of the apprenticeship training scheme. The Hon’ble Chief Minister also urged industry associations to comply with the scheme and engage a maximum number of local youth for apprenticeship training, with a target of 10,000 candidates by July 10, 2023.

To ensure the successful implementation of the scheme, orientation programs were conducted for the CA fraternity and youth from different constituencies of North and South Goa. Training programs were also organized for Swayampurna Mitras and Taluka Nodal Officers to familiarize them with the apprenticeship scheme and portal.

Additionally, the Directorate formulated and notified the “Goa Chief Ministers Apprenticeship Policy for Government Establishments – 2023” to enhance the employability of Goan youth in government establishments, autonomous bodies, and public sector undertakings. The policy emphasizes selecting trainees based on proximity of residence and other relevant factors, and treats apprenticeship training as valuable experience in government departments.

Capacity building programs were conducted to augment the resources of existing ITI staff and other stakeholders involved in the apprenticeship portal process. Furthermore, a program is scheduled for all heads of government departments to register their establishments and create opportunities through the portal.

These efforts aim to culminate on “World Youth Skills Day” on July 15, 2023, where the Hon’ble Chief Minister intends to issue 10,000 contracts to unemployed youth from across Goa, further boosting employment opportunities and skill development in the state.