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Goa Forward Raises Concerns Over Substandard Food Grains and Rice Distribution via PDS, Calls for Urgent Action

Demands Accountability, Enhanced Monitoring, Streamlined Operations, and Support for Fair Price Shop Owners



Margao: In a letter addressed to Chief Secretary Puneet Goel, Goa Forward, through its General Secretary Durgadas Kamat, has expressed grave concerns regarding the distribution of substandard food grains and rice through the Public Distribution System (PDS). The party has called for immediate action to address the issue and ensure the provision of quality essentials to the citizens of Goa.

Goa Forward has demanded the immediate replacement of the substandard rice, emphasizing the need for accountability to be fixed for those responsible. The party highlights that the provision of high-quality and nutritious food grains is a fundamental right of every citizen and should not be compromised under any circumstances.

Furthermore, the letter emphasizes the necessity for enhanced monitoring mechanisms to be put in place to prevent the recurrence of such instances. The party asserts that strict vigilance and regular inspections should be conducted to ensure the proper functioning of the PDS and to maintain the integrity of the food distribution system.

Goa Forward also advocates for streamlining the operations of the PDS, urging the authorities to implement efficient processes that minimize bureaucratic hurdles and expedite the distribution of essential commodities. By enhancing the efficiency of operations, the party believes that the system can better serve the needs of the people and mitigate instances of substandard distribution.

Additionally, the party highlights the importance of supporting fair price shop owners, who play a crucial role in the distribution of food grains to the public. Recognizing their contribution, Goa Forward appeals for measures to be taken to assist these shop owners, ensuring their sustainability and incentivizing their active participation in the PDS.

Goa Forward’s letter to Chief Secretary Puneet Goel underscores the urgent need to rectify the distribution of substandard food grains and rice through the PDS. The party’s demands for immediate replacement, accountability, enhanced monitoring, streamlined operations, and support for fair price shop owners reflect their commitment to ensuring a robust and efficient system that serves the citizens of Goa with the quality essentials they deserve.

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