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Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai Slams State of Safety Amidst Recent Murders, Calls for Government Action



Amid a concerning surge in violent incidents, Goa Forward Party President and Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai has voiced strong criticism against the state’s safety and security measures. With three murders occurring in just as many days, Sardesai has raised serious concerns over the situation.

Sardesai’s comments come amidst perceived leadership gaps, with an absentee Home Minister and a Goa Police force that has faced criticism for its response to public concerns and media scrutiny. He further highlighted an apparent indifference within the Goa government, accusing it of prioritizing corruption over public safety.

The Goa Forward Party President has questioned the effectiveness of the ruling BJP Goa party and the state cabinet, expressing the frustration of Goans, or “Goemkars,” over what he perceives as a collective inability to address pressing safety issues. Sardesai emphasized the potential repercussions on tourism, as Goa’s reputation as a destination may be tarnished in the face of rising crime.

In a direct call to action, Sardesai urged the government to take immediate steps to address the growing safety concerns, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive strategy to restore and enhance security measures in the state.