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Goa Forward Party hails Karnataka Government’s Decision on Tanmar Project, Condemns Goa Government’s Stance



Panaji, Goa – Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai today addressed the media concerning the controversial Tanmar project, praising the Karnataka government’s recent decision to halt the project due to environmental concerns while strongly criticizing the Goa government’s determination to proceed with the project within its territory.

Sardesai highlighted that the Karnataka government has taken a commendable step by suspending the officer responsible for approving the plan to lay power lines through forests under the Tanmar project. This move essentially marks the scrapping of the project in Karnataka, a decision rooted in a commitment to preserving the state’s forests.

In stark contrast, the Goa government has opted to continue with the Goa section of the Tanmar project, despite potential ecological damage. Sardesai pointed out that during the August assembly session last year, he raised concerns about the Tanmar project. In response, the power minister assured that the project would proceed in Goa, irrespective of developments in Karnataka.

Sardesai expressed deep concern over Goa’s disregard for the environmental impact of the project, emphasizing the significance of the Western Ghats—a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the world’s most crucial biodiversity hotspots. He condemned the state government for prioritizing industrial interests over ecological health and the wellbeing of Goa’s citizens, especially in Vasco.

Moreover, Sardesai criticized the government’s response to peaceful protests against the project, noting that the stance of activists, now vindicated by Karnataka’s decision, had been met with legal action rather than constructive dialogue.

Drawing attention to the broader context of environmental governance in Goa, Sardesai mentioned the Mopa Airport project, where environmental safeguards have been neglected, further exemplifying the government’s failure to protect Goa’s natural heritage.

The Goa Forward Party leader called upon the High Court to take suo moto cognizance of the situation, questioning the rationale behind continuing the Tanmar project in Goa when its ecological implications have led to its cancellation in Karnataka. Sardesai urged for a reassessment of Goa’s environmental policies and practices to ensure the preservation of its rich natural resources for future generations.

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