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Goa Forward Chief Vijai Sardesai Criticizes BJP’s Digambar Kamat, Advocates Open Discussion for Margao Master Plan at Lohia Maidan.

MLA Vijai Sardesai Raises Concerns over Margao Master Plan 2041



Fatorda: MLA Vijai Sardesai has expressed significant reservations about the recently unveiled draft of the Master Plan 2041 for Margao. His main concern lies in the lack of inclusivity and transparency in the plan’s formulation. The citizens of Margao and Fatorda, being the primary stakeholders, have not been adequately involved or consulted, which is a glaring oversight in the democratic process. Furthermore, the exclusion of the Fatorda MLA from the presentation of the plan, despite the inclusion of the Margao MLA, raises questions about the fairness and representativeness of the planning process.

Additionally, MLA Sardesai draws attention to the neglect of the farming community in the plan. He notes that around 3 lakh square meters of farmland in Fatorda were acquired at minimal compensation, disproportionately affecting local farmers. Adding to the inconsistency, certain plots of land opposite the KTC were not acquired, allegedly to favor specific owners or builders. Such a model of planning is done keeping in mind vested interest and not the local public at large.  The fact is that many farmers continue to cultivate the acquired land, as the projects for which these lands were acquired have yet to commence for over a decade. Today projects like the truck terminus are no longer feasible, hence it is in the best interest of the farmers as well as the city itself that the green spaces in the form of farmland, be retained for posterity. Farmers who lost their lands for the construction of the District Hospital, District Collectorate and other projects must be compensated with government jobs.

MLA Sardesai criticizes the Master Plan for appearing to benefit only a select few, thus giving rise to suspicions of it being more of an eyewash than a genuine developmental effort. He questioned the role of the ODP in the Master plan. “Without finalisation of the ODP which is under process, how can a master plan be created”, he questioned. He slammed GSUDA for not following the process as prescribed in the Urban and Regional Development Plans. Formulation and Implementation Guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

He stated that there needs to be a survey conducted to identify the pressing issues in the city. This is followed by preparation of a needs analysis report that will list various options on how a given land can utilised and what benefits will it serve socially, culturally and economically. These projects must be proposed along with financial estimates for construction and maintenance. “Our MMC has been driven to bankruptcy. From where will the money come to maintain all these projects? All these issues have to be addressed along with the proposal”, he questioned. Once this is done it’s up to the people to decide which option should be selected and implemented. This is the model of Development by consent that has taken Fatorda constituency far ahead of Margao Constituency in terms of overall development and quality of life of the citizens.

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