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Goa Congress Criticizes CM Dr. Pramod Sawant, Accuses BJP of Inciting Communalism



Panaji: The Congress in Goa has strongly criticized Chief Minister Pramod Sawant for his recent remarks about the opposition bloc’s stance on Sanatana Dharma, accusing the BJP of sowing seeds of communal discord and poisoning people’s minds.

“BJP should refrain from using religion as a political tool. The BJP’s divisive agenda is causing harm nationwide. There’s no need for firearms; the BJP is exploiting communal tensions for their benefit, pitting people against each other. We must reflect on the direction our country is headed,” stated Amit Patkar, the State Congress Chief, during a press conference.

While addressing a gathering in Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister had stated, “Historically, even rulers like the Mughals and the British couldn’t eradicate Sanatana Dharma from our country. However, the Congress (INDIA bloc) is attempting to denigrate Sanatana Dharma for electoral gains. Therefore, people should question them.”

Patkar added, “In Goa, we have lived together harmoniously, fostering communal unity. It’s the BJP’s agenda to divide people. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant speaks of communalism in another state. He should remember that it was the Congress that played a pivotal role in securing India’s independence from the British. Our leaders led a revolution against colonial rule.”

Expressing disapproval of Sawant’s comments, Patkar remarked, “In reality, he couldn’t protect Hindu Dharma in his own state. Temples are being relocated for highway expansion. Why couldn’t he safeguard the temple in Pernem (North Goa)? Now, he’s disturbing the temple area in Bhoma-South Goa for a highway project due to crony capitalism.”

“People have realized that both the BJP government at the Centre and in the state are letting them down. People want leaders to address pressing issues like unemployment, healthcare, inflation, and, importantly, women’s empowerment and safety, rather than focusing on religion,” Patkar emphasized.

He urged the Chief Minister to also address the rising crime rate in the state.