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Goa Congress Chief Amit Patkar questions PRIME MINISTER Modi on the failure of BJP Govt. on burning issues of Goa.



Goa Congress President Amit Patkar has put several questions to the Prime Minister on his visit to Goa for the inauguration of National Games. He expects that Prime Minister will answer all these issues raised by him, as the Chief Minister and all other Minsters have failed to address the issues of people of Goa. He stated that BJP Government has always given tall promises to the people of Goa, and never achieved which have turned into Jhumlas. He reminded the Prime Minister that during his maiden Prime Ministerial candidature meeting held in Jan 2014 in Panaji, Mr. Modi had promised the people of Goa about Special Status, re starting of Mining and other things. It’s been almost 10 years not even one promise has been fulfilled. He further stated that the people of Goa are not fools anymore and will show the Bhrasta Jhumla Party the exit doors this time during the Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

  1. Will you stop the diversion of river Mhadei to Karnataka?
  2. When will you declare Mhadei WLS as Tiger reserve as directed by the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay at Goa, as the last day is over which was on 25th Oct 23.
  3. Will you stop Goa from covering into Coal Hub? As MOEF has increased the capacity of Coal handling since the time you have taken as PM
  4. When will Goa get the special status which you promised in 2014?
  5. It’s been almost 10 years you promised people of Goa that Mining will start in 2014 but looks like it’s another Jhumla.
  6. Will the Goa Cabinet Minister be arrested who is involved in Gold smuggling case.
  7. Why is Goa ranking top in unemployment of youths?
  8. Why your Minister is trying to illegally convert land for their personal gains of commissions which are in thousands of Crores, thereby destroying the Culture and Heritage of Goa.
  9. Who will be held responsible & accountable for failure of Law & Order, because of which Women’s safety is at stake and innocent Goans are losing life’s in fatal accidents.
  10. Will you take serious steps on implementing the Hon’ble High Court order in the health facilities in the state of Goa, which has been evaluated as the worst Health infrastructure.

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